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The Steps To Renewing Your SIA Licence!

Renew Your Licence

SIA licences unfortunately do not renew automatically, so you will need to manually renew your licence if you wish to continue working with a qualified SIA badge in the same role after your current licence expires.

You can apply to renew your licence up to four months before your current licence expires. You should submit your renewal application as soon as possible: applying early reduces the risk of a delay that might affect your ability to work. You won’t ‘lose time’ on your licence by renewing early. Your new licence will be valid from the day the SIA grant it and any time left on your current licence will be added to your new one.

You can’t renew a licence unless you currently hold an active licence in that sector. If your licence has expired, you will need to apply for a new licence.

A licence renewal costs the same as a new application (£220). No additional training or qualification is required for a licence renewal

Why Renew your SIA licence

Your SIA licence will last for three years, unless you hold a front line vehicle immobiliser licence, which will need to be renewed annually. When your existing licence expires or is nearing expiration, you will have to reapply in order to work legally. Without a SIA Licence you can not work as a security guard legally, this will hinder your job prospects so having a licence and keeping it up to date is important.

Renewing Through Your Employer

The SIA offer services that can allow your employer to renew a licence on your behalf. These services are called Licence Assist and Licence Management and they are only available to SIA approved contractors.

Renewing Yourself

The diagram below explains the licensing process if you are paying for your application yourself

1. Enter your personal details and email address, choose a Username and password, activate your account

2. Enter the requested information that matches the existing licence information

3. To find the renewal page click ‘Licences’ tab and then ‘Actions’,’Renew’

4. You can pay for you licence online, if your photo has expired (lasts 8 years 8 months) you will have to visit a post office,

5. Responding promptly to these requests will help speed up the processing of your application

6. if successful you will receive a granted letter and your licence card with 14 days