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Retail Security

Why Retail Security is important in Coventry?

Retail Security Coventry

When anyone thinks of Retail Security, they maybe think of CCTV Cameras and signs that claims their existence, that is around Coventry High Streets and Shopping Malls. CCTV Cameras has a important role in effective security strategies, shops may not rely on these alone by making sure they are safe and secure by people who are attempting to shoplift.

Shoplifters can have a huge effect for retail companies around Coventry

There are losses recorded in most retail companies around Coventry due to people living around the area stealing stock that often happens for the majority of retail businesses. When you do not put security measures in place, retail stores could become a hotspot for robbers and thieves. It could result in a lot of losses where you could close down your business or struggle to turnover any profit.

Staff have no protection from violence theft

If a criminal is violent around staff in a retail store, without retail security, you would find you have to wait for the police to turn up to provide protection. This would make the staff vulnerable. When having professional security experts working with your staff in your shop around Coventry, you are ensuring that you have experienced security personnel available immediately, should an incident happen.

Lack of retail security could make your retail store vulnerable

Criminals looking to steal from retail stores in Coventry look for businesses that has less security, to make it look easy as possible for them to take their stock without being caught. By, hiring a professional retail security guard can make sure your store is protected being less of a target.

Hiring Retail Security in Coventry, could improve customer service

Experienced security guards are trained in Customer Service. A security guard are normally the first person a customer will see when they arrive at a retail store. You might ask them for help or directions. When hiring Retail Security Guards for a Security Company in Coventry they should represent your brand well by interacting with and helping customers.

Professional and Experienced Retail Security Guards understands the law

There are arrangements that should be followed by ensuring that any shoplifter is dealt with legally. Professional retail security guards will have knowledge of these arrangements and any legal requirements of retail security, so that a store manager can be sure to catch a criminal trying to steal from their shop, the law would be followed and businesses can carry on normally with less disruption.

Cases of Retail Robbery in Coventry-


A Serial robber named Ryan Setchell who threatened staff with weapons and stole £5K in cash and tobacco from retail stores around Coventry has been jailed for 8 years.

The serial robber has targeted five businesses, including a local McDonalds and a few hotels, more than 3 weeks last year and threatened staff with weapons before robbing with their takings.-



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